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                                         Spectacular Ibiza Mermaid Events 

                                Make a splash at your next Ibiza maritime fiesta

                   Proudly presenting exclusively the islands unique  & real life

                                        MJT- THE MAGICAL IBIZA MERMAID 






  Looking for an unforgetable event with ultimate fun ?

As the legend goes, these seductive & beautiful sea creatures with the upper body of a human and the tail of a fish, make themselves visible to ships during thunder storms and would lure the opposite sex into the water with their siren-like singing..... 

Get on the shell phone and call your spectaculare mermaid event everybody will talk about !

Here some fresh ideas... 

Mermaid Receptions / Cocktail Party

with the Famous Mobile FlOATING Water Bar !


Mermaid Surprise Caviar & Bubbles Service


"Under The Sea" Theme Parties


Cool Yacht Events with Mermaid Adult Show 


Pool Parties with Mermaids & Mermen


"Under The Water" Birthday Party


Wild Yellow Submarine Theme Party


Great "Catch of the Day " Stag Do`s


"Kiss the Mermen" Hen Parties 


Sexy Tripod Pole Dance Events


Fun Sirene Karaoke Singing   


Professional Product Presentations


Outstanding Photo Shootings


TV Productions


Beach Club Parties with a FLUKE !


Arielle Theme Kids Birthdays 


and so much more .....


From a single Mermaid to an Underwater Army of various Mermaids & Mermen- Full Catering Service anywhere & anytime available. visit our catering division by clicking on the logos below. please send us a message or call us for your individual planning.




Our regular onboard services :

Personal Trainer

Security Personal


Shopping Service 


Massage ( euro / thai ) 



Cooking class 

Live Music 

DJ s & Artists 


and so much more ...


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