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Ibiza Food Fighters are the culinary anarchists of the Flying Pig Ibiza Catering Family & Love Truck. Besides the fresh & unique food catering we are provide everything you need for a BIG SIZE EVENT. Live Music, stages, lighting, DJs, also beverage catering, cocktail bars, staff, tents - you name it ! if you are interested in more than just great food please give a buzz and we will send the cavalry ..... 

Got something BIG COOKING ? with our Total package we will provide everything you need for a perfect event with lots of people on Ibiza.

The Total Package

Hot Hot Ibiza summer & Ice cold beer from the tap ? thats a great combination ! we deliver beer kegs & EZ Chill & Tap systems for your event.

Beer Keg Service 

Cocktail Party  powered by Betty Ford Clinic Ibiza 

IBIZA LOVE TRUCK -the islands event mobile 

looking for a cool cocktail party on your event ? no problem - we have you covered. affordable cocktail service is just a click away. 

Want more than Food fighters ? why not booking IBIZA LOVE TRUCK also?

have a look at LOVE TRUCK website also ! what a combination .....

Proudly working with:

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